In light of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a little about myself and the story of how I met my husband.

It all began with a little facebook stalking…

My good friend tagged my husband in a post when they’d gone out. She’d spoken of him before, and I knew they were good friends, but I had never seen him. So I clicked on his profile to see what he looked like, because I am unapologetically that person. I found not a single photo of him. My friend had mentioned before that she wished she knew a single guy to set me up with, but never had anyone. So when I saw the profile without photos, I just assumed that she didn’t think we’d hit it off. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately at the time, when I tossed my phone down after my facebook stalking was complete, I managed to accidentally friend request him. Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I got the notification that my request had been accepted.

I ran out of gas

And that was really it for a while. He wasn’t much of a poster, and I’m an over-poster. But then I got a temp position at the company he works for. I didn’t realize it, but we were in the same building. One day, after a week of being sick and having to take time off, I ran out of gas on my way home from work. Let me just note that my gas gauge didn’t work, so I always just kind of made sure I filled up every few days. But being sick and taking time off kind of threw me out of my gas routine. I called my friend, mentioned above, and she was awesome and came to bring me gas, noting that my husband lived close by and had a gas can, so she’d just call him and make sure it was okay to grab it, and then be on her way. She showed up and got me going.


The next day at work, I messaged him on the internal instant messaging system, thanking him for the gas. I happened to be hilarious about it, and in hindsight, that’s probably when he fell in love with me. I kid. The next day I got an instant message from him asking if I was wearing a red dress. I was. He had seen me as he walked out to lunch, but I was too far away to hear him. Again, I was hilarious, and his love for me deepened. I kid, again. But only kind of.

I am awkward

I must preface this by saying that the department I was in was just really sad. I had given up saying hi to people after months of just getting dirty looks back in return. My husband worked in a different department that was less sad. The day after the red dress incident, I was walking to my car at lunch, and a man was walking toward me from his car. He was smiling the whole time, and given the climate at work, I was confused by this and kind of thought he was laughing at me. As we passed each other, he happily said “Hi!” to which I responded an apprehensive “hi…” As soon as I got to my car I realized it had to have been my husband, and I was cursing myself for being an idiot.

Messages continue, and so does my awkwardness

When I got back to work, I messaged him and apologized. We messaged here and there for the next week or so, and then he invited me to go out with him and our mutual friend. When I got there, I realized how incredibly handsome my husband is. I’m probably one of the most awkward people in existence, and I have no idea how to flirt. I typically just come across as mean because I’m sarcastic and think I’m hilarious (which I am, but it’s not always well received). I couldn’t stop smiling at him. And thankfully, he couldn’t stop smiling back. After being very direct (he’s not great at picking up subtleties), we wound up going on a date, and that was it! The first real date I knew that I would marry him. He’s that incredible. And he hasn’t stopped amazing me since.

See what can happen with some light facebook stalking and an empty gas tank?

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