The Stuff Mother-of-the-year is made of

Well, mother of the year right here. I poisoned my 13 month old. She’s been sick for almost a week now, and we couldn’t figure it out. Of course it wasn’t until Friday afternoon that I realized that it wasn’t going away, so I had to wait until Monday to call the doctor, and couldn’t get her in until Tuesday. She started, the Thursday before, to have diarrhea. She was a little more crabby than usual, but nothing terrible. But she was going like four times a day, which is not at all normal for her. And it caused her to be very red and rashy. Thanks to the insight and advice of my amazing facebook friends, I was able to get that under control, and she now just has two small red spots. But she’s still having diarrhea. Friday, we got her an electrolyte drink, and her big sister worked hard to get her to drink it. (Side note: she’s the BEST big sister). But she hadn’t stopped drinking fluids, and hated the drink, so we only made her drink it a few times. She was still drinking plenty of water and plenty of almond milk.

After it started, well, the day it started, but late in the day, I got the wrong kind of almond milk, because it was the only unsweetened version the store had. Let me say that neither of my girls like vanilla almond milk. At all. Doro was refusing her bottles in protest. We thought maybe the milk was what was causing it, but then remembered that she’d only had one bottle of it, and it was after the issue had already started. We were perplexed. But she didn’t have a fever, wasn’t lethargic, didn’t seem dehydrated, etc.

To the Doctor

Finally on Tuesday, I got her into the doctor. The doctor suggested just maintaining what we’re doing and giving her the probiotic drops again, as we’d stopped giving them to her when it started, as that is what helps her go. On the way home from the doctor’s office, I remembered that she’d had sashimi for the first time the Tuesday before she started getting sick. So two full days. It hadn’t dawned on me that it could be a reason, because it had been a couple of days before it started. I called the office and told the receptionist, and she noted it for the doctor. I got a call back explaining that the doctor is certain that was the cause.

It turns out that I am an idiot. Immune systems and digestive systems aren’t able to handle raw fish until roughly age 3. My doctor recommends to wait until 4 just to be safe. With Lucy, I hadn’t even had sushi until she was around 2, and didn’t give her any until she was 4. I can honestly say it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be harmful. I know “they” say not to consume raw fish during pregnancy, but the risk is actually incredibly low (I did my research, including research outside of the US), and it’s a natural and healthy part of the Japanese diet during pregnancy. So I ate it during my pregnancy, and I think that’s why it just didn’t occur to me.

Anyway, I feel terrible that I poisoned my sweet baby. She LOVED the sashimi, by the way. She even let me feed it to her with chopsticks (she doesn’t like to be fed, so this was really cool to me). I’m bummed that she won’t get to have it again for a few years, but relieved that I know she’ll be okay and can avoid it going forward. I feel terrible that I caused her to be sick, though. Like, truly awful. Motherhood is such a trip sometimes.

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