Negativity doesn’t have a place here… Nope, I’m not letting anyone dull my sparkle. It still amazes me that some people are so spiteful and hostile and full of hate. Especially when it’s completely without cause. It’s unfortunate that people like that exist, and even more unfortunate when you don’t have a choice and have to deal with them. Even more so when they make it a goal to complicate your life and do harm to your familial unit. But I’m not letting that nastiness have a home here. From now on, I’m bulletproof. I’m not allowing other people’s hatefulness to impact my health or well being, anymore. My life is really good. I have three beautiful children, I’m married to the most amazing partner in the world, I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and I’m just not going to allow anyone who is permanently miserable and incapable of true happiness drag me or my family down with them.

I realize this deviates quite a bit from my usual content, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows, and I have some truly absurd and out of control things I have to deal with. It actually was a big cause of my autoimmune disease flare ups, and ulitmately my pretty drastic weight loss. Aside from a recent flare up (turns out I now have photosensitivity), I have been doing incredibly well on LDN. I workout three days a week. I do yoga about 5 days a week. And I’ve started Qigong, which is a magical practice everyone should employ. I make it a goal to try to be at peace. Life has not been easy in many regards, and I finally have a supportive and amazing partner and this wonderful life. I cannot allow someone else’s lies and malice to impact me. I choose to rise above. Which isn’t easy when someone is so disgustingly hostile and malicious and speaks solely in lies, but I’m learning. I’m using exercise, yoga, and quigong, as well as essential oils, meditation, and deep breathing to just stop giving a crap what people who are hopelessly obessed with me do and say.

It becomes very disheartneing when we see flagrant injustice. When we watch horrible people be able to do horrible things without consequence, especially when their actions hurt other people. But karma is real. Whether that means that people will face consequences at some point, or whether it just is that they live truly miserable and pathetic lives, there is some karmatic justice there.

Life is far too short, and far too good, to allow anyone to dull your sparkle. Period. Let them foam at the mouth. Let them bark a vicious bark. Let them believe their own malicious lies. It doesn’t matter. The truth matters. Your family matters. Your health matters. Your happiness matters. But someone else’s negativity doesn’t matter. It may seem like it does, but it really truly doesn’t. Let them make fools of themselves whilst simultaneously patting themselves on that back and buying into their own garbage. YOU know whats right and true and good. And that’s what matters. YOU don’t need to give anyone else’s crap another second of your brain time. Some people are just nasty. You wanting them to not be horrible won’t change that. Nothing you do will change that. So just let it go. Laugh at how ridiculous it all is. Laugh at how pathetic it is. Maybe say a little prayer for them, because Lord knows they need some serious help. And then don’t think about it again.

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